Gonna get Married!!

It was a cozy Christmas Eve, before all the creatures stopped stirring...and the Brown Family was a'bustlin! So was Al...scurrying around making sure everyone was on the same page and all was set just right! Everyone finally settled in, hot chocolate in hand, sentiments ready!     

Many wonderful, heartfelt words were spoken that night, rolling laughter and warm embraces. Time to reflect on the growth and admiration. 

......3 hours later......

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Al and his backup dancers (aka the entire Brown family

played it cool for THREE hours of heart-to-heart sentiment until finally...the right

moment had come. Everyone tried to discreetly lean in with anticipation as Al presented Chelsea with THE most adorable animated narration of their story.

The ups, the downs, the turn-arounds and all the in between that drew them together to create this moment right here.  


Saturday, Oct 10, 2020

Wedding Ceremony: 5:30 pm

Dinner Reception to follow : 6:45 pm


The Cable Building   

1327 Burlington Street        Kansas City, MO. 64116

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"dress to the nines" = just dress to impress and leave those jeans behind! 

our      party

The  Browns                  


     The  Villamayors

The  Ladies          

             The  Gents


Maid of Honor

Bekah Westerfeld

Allison Villamayor

Alexa Juneman

Whitley Griffiths

Katie Ramos

Emilee Geldart

Lauren Brown

Best Man

Michael Orr

Adam Brunis

Connor Wesley

Troy Villamyor

Judah Brown

Tyler Brown

Jonathan Brown

Jager Clark

Bethanie Head